About us

The ultimate in turnkey services for offshore printing, warehousing, and logistics

We’ve earned the trust, respect, and loyalty of some of the world’s best – clients who are industry leaders in their own right. That doesn’t happen by chance. PRINTHUB has a deep-rooted foundation that consistently drives real-world results.

  • Our mission is value-driven and results-oriented, ensuring our focus is always the benefit you get from working with us.
  • Core values make that mission possible.
  • These are embodied by the committed team of experts you’ll work with.
  • Our history provides a wealth of experience and results in a strong group of partners you can rely on.

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If you buy more than $250k of print annually, one of our experts will discuss your goals and suggest strategies to deliver the quality print material you need.

Our mission

To produce outstanding print material, delivered anywhere you require, in the most efficient, optimal way

We’re always looking for improvement. You could call it obsessive. But doing better for you, and every single one of our clients is our reason for being. We only succeed when you succeed.

Everything we do is geared towards the set of outcomes you want to achieve. And every project has it’s own goals. First we design a service around your needs and situation. Then we find ways to deliver incremental improvements.

We deliver end-to-end solutions, optimised at every stage.

Our values

We believe these core values benefit everyone in the long-run, and set us apart from other offshore printers

We’re nothing if we aren’t indispensable. The only way we know to deliver that kind of value is by becoming part of your business, and part of your team.

If you’re working with PRINTHUB, we are 100% on board with your project.

We’ll work towards our shared goals, overcome shared obstacles and frustrations (they’re part and parcel of most jobs), and we’ll ultimately profit from the successes we share.

If we’re going to do something, we’ll do it to the best of our ability.

We believe a constant process of improvement across every aspect of our business is the engine of growth. It’s how we deliver better services and better value for money.

In turn, that gives you a competitive advantage and hopefully, helps grow your operations.

When you stand to gain from the effort we invest, we think you’ll choose to work with us again and again.

We keep you fully informed at all times. And we’ll always be frank and direct in the advice we provide.

Integrity is paramount to us. We work hard to foster mutual trust with clients, our people, and our supply chain partners. Things do go wrong from time to time, and we deal with those unforeseen circumstances as a team.

The result is lasting, long-term partnerships which continue to grow.

It’s well known that some offshore printers engage in unethical practices. That can take many different forms, from cutting corners on materials to treating staff and suppliers unfairly. These companies are driven by short-term incentives.

We take the polar opposite view. Our goal is to reward our staff, partners, and suppliers ever more generously. That ensures that they give their best in everything they do, and our services shine as a result.

All cost savings we deliver are the result of improved efficiency, better print buying and management.

Our team

Highly professional and committed, our team is built around invaluable experience

You’ll find our people are capable, competent, and stop at nothing to exceed expectations. Our founders form the core of 2 teams: pre-press, print and logistics.

We have a studio responsible for pre-press artwork and graphic design, directed by a UK graphic designer with decades of experience in multilingual print. She leverages a team of contractors across multiple timezones to keep things moving at pace.

While print production and logistics are led by a qualified British Master Printer, who has established our export operations in the UAE.

Our history

With a long, proven track record and storied history, the service you receive has been decades in the making

Our founders began Middle East Print Consultants in Kuwait, in 1997. Having been based in the Arabian Gulf for more than 20 years, they have worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

The company built up a long list of prestigious clients and became renowned for its turnkey design and print services. As we grew, our projects became increasingly international. Exporting and delivering across the region was a natural progression.

Today, PRINTHUB represents the best print services the Arabian Gulf has to offer, packaged specifically for the international print buyer.

Our partners

We're only as good as the suppliers and service providers who support us. That's why we demand the best

We expect every business in our supply chain to uphold our values and standards. These are companies we have worked with for many years, on some very demanding projects.

As with most things, we take a long-term view. We don’t cut corners and we don’t take chances. We look for stability, consistency, and high standards over low rates. So you can have confidence in the partnerships we’ve forged, and confidence in PRINTHUB’s ability to deliver.

Work with us

Hire us to manage your print supply chain

We’ve delivered outstanding print to 27 countries, and that figure continues to grow. Give us any job to quote and we’ll put together a package for you.

Work for us. Join our supply network

We’re always on the lookout for reliable and competent suppliers or services that might benefit our customers. Apply to work with us via this page.

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